Hydraulic Connect – For Quick Connections

63mm Analogue Pressure Gauges

The G63B analogue pressure gauge with bourdon tube can accurately measure pressures with an accuracy of 1.6% with good stability and shock resistance.

1/4 BSP Connection

The case is made of 304 grade stainless steel and filled with glycerine. The 1/4 BSP connection is made of copper. Can be used to measure gas, liquids, oil and other non-corrosive media.
The gauges are 63mm diameter and 33mm thick with bottom entry. Operating temperature up to 55⁰ C with glycerine filling. Pressure is shown in both PSI and Bar

63mm Gauge Protection Boot

63mm gauge boot for extra protection

Pressure Gauge Connector

Gauge adaptor, 1/4 BSP to T20 female. Screws direct to T20 test point (M16*2)

Part #G1GHCH
GA1/4G-T20F1/4 BSPM16*25019

Test Hoses

1/4 BSP gauge x Test 20 female (M16x2)

THG1/4-T2015 Hose assembly 1.5 Metres long
THG1/4-T2020 Hose assembly 2.0 Metres long